Acces Bars

Acces Bars

The name “Bars” can be translated as “orbits” and is a collective name
for the 32 points that energy paths form through and around the head.
It contains the electrical charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions
and beliefs you have ever had as a pattern.

Activating these specific points with touch (needles) allows these bars to
release that tension, creating more room for new possibilities. It changes
the brain waves and the electrical functioning of the brain.

How does a session work?

Checking the Bars is a process of lying fully clothed and relaxed on your back.
The 32 points on the head are lightly touched in different compositions,
clearing the “load” of superfluous thoughts, beliefs, judgments and points of
view, apart from what you know cognitively.

A session lasts about 60 minutes.

What do the Bars do?
The Bars give you the opportunity to let go of what you no longer need;
such as thoughts, fears, stress, ideas about health, relationships, money, etc.
You remove, as it were, old blockades to make room for new possibilities.

Think of your brain as a hard disk of a computer, from which you throw away
unnecessary files and put everything else useful together. In computer language,
it is called defragmentation. Because the useful files are put together, the computer
can find the things that are needed faster and the computer is no longer rattling
because it had to search in a pile of (useless) stuff. The computer has become more
efficient and at the same time calmer. Imagine your brain is defragmented. Then
more focus is possible. And because files (thoughts, patterns, beliefs, judgments, etc.)
that you no longer need have been cleared , there is more room for inner peace.
And if, among other things, you have more focus and at the same time more inner peace …
Just imagine: what else is possible?

What are the experiences?
Many people say that after a Bars session they feel more space in their head, as if it has
been cleaned. Also, some physical and mental problems can disappear after already one
Bar session. Most of the results include: increased inner peace, better quality of sleep,
more energy, people are more flexible in life and ‘life’ is easier.
The least you can expect of a treatment, is a relaxed and calm feeling. The actual
noticing of results and changes can take about three to four weeks. Three to four
treatments can enhance the desired result.

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Acces Bars is not intended as a substitute for regular medicine, but as an addition to it.

As always, use common sense, if you do not trust the complaints
you have or they get worse, go to the doctor or a Western medical specialist.