Remote Energy Treatments

Remote Energy Treatments

Since early childhood I am familiar with energies unseen by the human eye.

Over time I have learned to master many different kinds of energies with a
various range of frequencies and levels from soul cleansing to mental and
physical pain relieve, clearing houses and spaces, memories, situations,
treating humans and animals.

I am blessed to work with energies fulltime and on a daily basis. ?

It’s my ❤️ mission in life to provide all beings positive energy!

For remote energy treatments, I use different kinds of energies, drawn controlled
from specific portals when I am in deep state meditation. These energies can be
used on their own or combined, personally adjusted for your needs.

Distance Healing or remote energy treatment, is a technique whereby you do
not have to be physically present to receive healing. The intention to heal* is
sent by the healer and received by the client in an instant transmission.
The healer can then in real time access information about the client
and transmit healing. This is explained by Quantum physics, it is called
the entanglement theory, when two particles of energy come into contact
with each other they can then share information or mirror each
other even if separated by time and space.

Albert Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.”

One remote energy treatment can achieve great results. Just like taking
a course of Western medicine of antibiotics to do its work, it is customary
and advisable to receive a course of remote energy treatments for several
days in a row to have greater and longer lasting effects. For a
remote energy treatment I ask € 40,- in return, per session.

Two of these channels used during treatments, are called:


Silver Laser perfectly raises energy and harmonizes the 6th and 7th chakras and above.

It helps in the treatment of diseases of the

eyes ?,
ears ? ?
brain ?

It also helps to reject negative thoughts and relieve depression.

It stimulates a person to spiritual development.

Silver Eye is a multifunctional, informative and medical channel and

works like X-ray vision to screen impairments of the entire physical body,

finds them and works with them. It also harmonizes the left and right hemisphere

of the brain and vision (spiritually and physically).

These two channels combined work really well for powerfully cleansing and opening

the 6th and 7th chakra. It helps curing eyes from diseases
such as cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia.

One of these energies used during treatments, is called:


• It eliminates physical and mental pain;

• It puts to sleep;

• Instantly calms, gives lasting peace of mind;

• Instantly balances any emotional states;

• It gives spiritual healing;

• It fills the whole being with a sense of happiness;

• It is irreplaceable during healing crises (during the progress of energy cleansing);

• It fills the living and working space with energies that balance
and have a calming effect on the environment;

• Enables astral travel and deep meditation;

• It expands consciousness;

• It frees the body from negative energy;

• Relieves from energy blockages;

• It enables the achievement of HUGE spiritual growth and personal development;

• It penetrates deep into you and connects with the center of your Divinity.

This energy also successfully inhibits diarrhea.

Another of these energies, is called:

?Silver Wind Channel ?

It effectively affects recovery and rejuvenation at the cellular level. It gives
us healthy longevity, well- being, improves metabolism and helps maintain
good physical condition and appearance.

This energy also helps:

• Harmonization of the organism, healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level;

• Restores the central nervous system, relieves depression, treats the psyche, neurosis;

• Normalizes metabolic disorders in the body at the cellular level, associated with
age-related changes (destructive changes in connective tissues and cartilage);

• Corrects wrinkles, improves lipid metabolism, reduces blood cholesterol levels, contributes
to the destruction of fat deposits;

• Prevention of obesity, effective fight against cellulite;

• Treats gout and osteoporosis, cleans the lungs;

• Relieves tired legs and feet, activates blood circulation and protects the body from thrombosis;

The energy of the Silver Wind Channel gives us agility and ease of movement. The energy
of the channel is very powerful, but at the same time gentle and very caring.

And another energy:

?The quintessence of silver 999?

It is an energetic, ethereal analogue of the chemical element – silver (Ag),
and has all its properties. The healing properties of silver have been known
for a long time, and are widely used in both folk and official medicine.

All the properties of the Quintessence of Silver 999 are clearly expressed
on the energy level according to the principle of homeopathic medicine.

The main functions of this energy are:

• Antiseptic. It’s no secret that physical silver is an excellent antiseptic.
Energy “Essence of silver” greatly contributes to increasing the body’s defenses.
It kills and weakens some harmful viruses and bacteria. It does not affect
beneficial bacteria and intestinal microflora. This energy enhances the effect
of all medical antiseptic drugs and antiseptic plants;

• An energy Antibiotic, which in itself significantly enhances the effect
of medical and natural antibiotics. Furthermore, the drug begins to act
more focused and selectively. Inflammatory processes are eliminated
faster, and the side effects of drugs are significantly reduced;

• Works as an antioxidant and slows down oxidation processes. The process of
oxidation through the digestion of food, respiration and blood circulation, etc.,
is constantly taking place in the human body. etc. Thus the energy of the
Quintessence of Silver 999, by slowing down oxidation, slows down the aging process.

Silver Thread

During our lives we get injuries of all types, both physical (injuries, operations, diseases …)
and mental – stress, etc. All that, and even the birth of children, weakens and damages
the silver thread of life, it weakens in a way, and consequently the person’s life is
shortened. This is due to the fact that less energy begins to flow in
a person, that is, there is not enough energy for the full functioning
of all bodies, so diseases and problems appear.

Severe, critical damage and severe wear of the Silver Thread,
at best, manifests itself on the physical plane, heart attacks
and strokes, in the worst case – death.

The silver thread of life can be healed, strengthened, and even restored,
thus prolonging life expectancy, improving its quality, improving our physical health.

The Energy Sessions for Healing and Strengthening Silver Thread of Life
are effective in the elderly and debilitated, people who have suffered a
heart attack and stroke, the seriously ill, people preparing for surgery
(preferably activated 2-3 days before, as soon as possible) will support
a successful outcome of the operation and faster recovery.

Healthy cells will replace diseased ones – the process of division
of healthy cells, their reproduction is accelerated;

The most powerful energy support during energy purification, transformation, renewal
or creation (depending on the initial state) of a strong aura frame – the aura frame is
renewed (or created as needed), – all channels, meridians are renewed, – all distortions
are corrected and an ideal structure is created, renewed.


It nourishes the vital energy physically and all the fine, subtle bodies;

• Regenerates and repairs tissues;

• Stimulates organs to self-healing.

• The canal is vital for recovery after a severe ailment,
when internal reserves are depleted.

• The channel is necessary when even insignificant influences and situations
cause severe health problems, or a permanently shaken health condition, as
well as difficult and slow recovery from any disease.

• It helps at the level of the 4th lower body (physical, etheric, mental,
emotional) to overcome energy fatigue between incarnations.

This energy channel is irreplaceable, if for any reason the energy supply
of your personal Divine Source flows intermittently, or you receive such
energy in smaller quantities, or it reaches your being with some deviation,
which are the result of various accumulations, blockages and pathologies
of the thin, fine bodies, and also, due to the age and exhaustion of the
organism, it gives life energy to humanity and your family.

• It activates the ability of self-healing and self-regeneration, self-regulation
of tissues and organs of the organism as well as all subtle levels. It preserves
the amount of Life Force (Elixir of Life), which is given to a person by his soul.

• It heals “innate weakness” as a result of the failed recovery and recovery
that should have taken place between incarnations. Weakness is also shown
as a physical weakness, as an inherently weak Immunity, as a weakness of
character, a fragile nature that causes a series of failures in various fields of life.

And there are so many more energies that
I use during treatments and sessions !

Send me a message if you are curious of what remote energy treatments
can do for you or someone you know.


*Disclaimer: I ( practitioner) do not cure or heal a disease.
The recipient heals / heals himself, as far as possible because
the self-healing capacity of the body / person is addressed.
The practitioner only facilitates / supports in the treatment.
Please use your common sense: for example with ( the suspicion of an)
appendicitis or heart attack, go directly to your GP or hospital! Of course
you can ask me send energy to support you ( or someone you know)
and the unpleasant situation you are in.