Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring

SpR (Spiritual Restructuring) can help to:

To identify and release disharmonious energies (e.g., emotions stored in your body’s cellular memory)
that have caused problems and contributed to mental, emotional, and physical trauma in the body.

Help correct any muscle imbalances, returning the bones and tissues to
their proper position.

Release blockages and negative energies held in the organs/glands, optimizing
self-healing powers and enhancing the body’s natural functions.

Balance the chakras, the auric field and other systems of the body.

SpR is a gentle, healing support in the broadest sense of
the word, a non-invasive treatment and is based on Spiritual Response Therapy.

Possible benefits of Sp.R

Ease and soothe headaches – migraines and sinus problems.

Arthritis relief – reduce pain and stiffness. Often the muscles
attached to the arthritic joint are out of balance, which can cause
irritation in the joint, leading to uneven wear or inflammation.
SpR can detect muscle imbalances and help correct them. This
can be a great relief for the client. If the arthritis is caused by an
underlying program or an unbalanced diet, these can also be
addressed and remedied.

Corrects the alignment of the body – including back, neck and
shoulders, hips and knees and helps relieve any associated pain and discomfort.

Harmonizes respiratory imbalance

Identifies and corrects – imbalances in the subtle energy pathways of the
brain and mind and corrects imbalances in eye function and movement.
Once corrected understanding can increase, eye stress can decrease and
other benefits can be gained through the discovery and transformation of imbalances.

Emotional Release – By accessing and releasing stressful situations that the body
has held onto from past experiences, the release of body memories can
relieve any pain or anxiety associated with it.

Remove all negative or disharmonious energies, programs or psychic wounds
from the systems of the body;

Includes the endocrine system, pineal gland, hypothalamus, pituitary gland,
thyroid and parathyroid glands, thymus, adrenal glands, pancreas, and appendix

Circulatory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, respiratory system and reproductive system

Digestive and excretory systems, including the mouth, pharynx and esophagus, stomach, intestines,
appendix, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen

Urinary system including the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra

Integumentary system including the skin, hair, oil and sweat glands

SpR can be performed in person or at a distance, as the nature
of this technique is energetic and the client does not need to be
present to feel the benefits.

Also curious what Spiritual Restructuring can do for you or
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When should you consider an SpR? I always recommend seeing your doctor
to rule out obvious trauma that needs Western medical attention. However, if
physical pain and/or injury has been present for a while and there hasn’t been
much relief from taking medication, surgery, doing physical exercises, or visiting
physiotherapists, then spiritual-energetic patterns may be shifting. underlying the problems.


How is SpR done and how does it work?
This is an intuitive psychic-spiritual healing method that has the ability
to bring about rapid results, both in person and at a distance. In conjunction
with your Higher Self, Spirit, using a pendulum and kinetic tests for guidance,
memories of the original trauma can be removed along with the subconscious.

It erases old patterns/memories from the cellular memory of the physical body
for e.g. emotional stress, old injuries, memories of past lives and disease patterns
that cause physical stress, pain and discomfort in the here and now. The body
can then realign itself to harmony and health.

As with many forms of subtle energy work, the client will respond over the course
of several days as the changes integrate into the physical.

You can also undergo an SpR after a serious illness, after major changes in your
life, such as death, separation, divorce or a job change, when you experience
a high level of stress or anxiety in your life, when you move house, feel out of
place, when you want to make a new start in life, and to help you reconnect with
your inner guidance/intuition.

Your body is both the spiritual and physical “ground” of your Being. By handling
it properly, you enjoy life more and have access to greater amounts of energy!

How can SpR be done remotely? Albert Einstein stated in his special theory of
relativity that it is not possible to speak of space and time as two separate entities,
but that there exists only one entity, namely spacetime, which contains all past,
present and future events in our universe. Space and time actively position themselves
depending on the observer and can therefore manifest differently. We are still body-bound
in this dimension. However, mind power is stronger than you think and words are even
stronger in vibration and frequency. Because I meditate a lot I can easily get to Delta and
Theta brainwave levels, work from there and move my mind and astral body to
the location of the person/animal/being I’m treating.

What can SpR help with?

Body alignment: Physically and spiritually bring vertebrae, sacrum, hips, ribs, head and twisted
and trapped joints back into the correct position so that a liberation in movement can occur.

Muscle treatment: can relieve tension from muscles that are too long.

Nutrition: collect information about which foods the various parts of the body
need such as the skeleton, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system,
urinary system, etc, etc.

Balancing Brain/Mind: working with the soul (the mind of the body) and with
the brain to release disruptive programming, bringing harmony between
the physical brain and the mind of the body.

Crystalline restructuring: can clear and balance emotional energy. This can only
be done once the soul has been cleared with a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session.

Meditation and emotional release: meditations that can help you get in touch with
repressed emotions so they can be released.

Spiritual healing of organs and glands: with spiritual energy so that an energetic healing
of the organs and glands is achieved on a vibrational level. Replacement of organs and glands
removed by surgery, at a vibrational level, with new organs and glands.

Also curious what Spiritual Restructuring can do for you or someone you know?
Send a message for more information or an appointment.