In today’s hectic, busy world it is easy to get out of balance with all the
consequences that entails. RSI complaints, burnout, back pain, stress, being
stuck in certain patterns or thoughts, et cetera.

As an energy therapist I can support you with:

I apply these “treatments and support” in combination with acupuncture or
separately and always in consultation with you. Some of these treatments can
be done remotely, as a so called distant treatment or online via a video call / agreed time.

All treatments are fully clothed. Bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to
the practice, or wear it on arrival. During a treatment you sit in a comfortable
chair or you lie on a (heated) treatment table.

To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to emphasize that the practitioner does
not cure or heals a disease. The recipient heals / heals himself, as far as possible
caused by the assumption of the self-healing capacity of the body / person.
The practitioner only facilitates / supports in the treatment.

Do you recognize yourself or someone else in the above disorders and / or do
you have questions about this or the kind of treatments given?
Feel free to contact me without any obligation.

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