Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance

A variant of the now well-known bio resonance is (unfortunately)
the unknown Spooky designed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

Mechanism of action
dr. Rife (1888 – 1971) discovered that every disease-causing microorganism
has a frequency range in which it can be destroyed, this is the ‘window of
vulnerability’. The Rife frequencies are the primary high frequencies that
influence this frequency range, so that the disease-causing micro-organism
is destroyed. The frequencies are delivered through electrodes. The frequencies
are conducted into the body via the skin, after which they reach the cells. Only
the cells of the relevant frequency range respond to this signal, so that only the
disease-causing organisms are tackled and the healthy cells are preserved.

After many years of work, he discovered the frequency that could destroy
specific viruses such as herpes-polio-spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza
and a host of other diseases. It has been found that resonance therapy can
rebuild the cells and the immune system so that health can increase again.
In collaboration with regular medicine or others, such as the use of homeopathic
herbs etc., the healing process will be accelerated and strengthened.

The resonance therapy comes from the scientists Wilhelm Reich, George Lakhovsky,
Nikola Tesla, Hulda Clark, Antoine Priore and Royal Raymond Rife. All pioneers
in “electro-medicin” have suffered heavy opposition from mainstream medical
science and the government, and sometimes even had to pay for it with death.

Lakhovsky, originally a Russian scientist, assumed that every cell in the body has
its own resonance frequency (vibration), which acts as a receiver and transmitter.
If an organ or part of the body is damaged, inflamed or diseased, the resonance
frequency of the relevant cells becomes lower. If you then offer the body a broad
spectrum of frequencies, in which especially the harmonic vibrations are included,
then the damaged or diseased cell is able to receive its own frequency in order to
be able to resonate again in its own resonance frequency, whereby the cell is able
to regenerate and recovery is possible in a very short time frame.

With bio resonance therapy, the Rife frequencies can be transmitted via the
computer. The frequencies are not used to remove harmful micro-organisms,
but to stimulate the body’s self-healing capacity.

The treatment can also be done remotely (remote) because DNA has two strands
helically twisted around each other, acting as an antenna capable of transmitting
and receiving information encoded on energy signals through non-local space.
Spooky sends audio frequency energy to the nail that is received by the DNA it
contains, and is then immediately transmitted through non-local space to the owner
of the DNA (the whole). Click this link to read more about Spooky Remote

I use the Spooky in my practice as support for, for example, acupuncture treatments.
Especially to detox the body, it can be used very effectively.

This is a frequently asked question. The answer is “No”.
Human body cells respond at a much higher frequency than those produced
by a Rife machine and do not resonate with the frequencies produced by
a Rife machine.

Many researchers who have worked with Rife machines have been exposed
to Rife frequencies for extended periods of time over many years without
experiencing any visible or ill effects. Many of the early researchers of Rife’s day
lived longer than the average for their generation.

Many people think that more power is better. However, greater precision is more
important. The targeted pathogens are microscopic in size and do not require much
force to be knocked out.