For several years famous Dutch people will try to stop smoking in October. They call it Stoptober and it became a big hype with lots of media attention.

Well, you don’t have to be a well-known Dutch person to stop smoking in October. Anyone can stop smoking at any time. However, it increases the chance of stopping when several people participate at the same time. It is a helping hand when extra attention is paid nationwide throughout the month with tips, examples and support.

photo used from with Georgina Verbaan, Ernst Daniël Smid en Rick Brandsteder (f.l.t.r.)

Do you also intend to quit smoking? Bio Qi supports you with (laser) acupuncture.

Addiction symptoms are addressed with strategic painless acupuncture points on the hands, feet and in the pinna.

Acupuncture can have a supportive effect during the various phases of withdrawal and with withdrawal symptoms and the urge to light one up again. Withdrawal symptoms can manifest itself in binge eating, irritation, sleeping problems and stress. Acupuncture upon giving up smoking therefore focuses on reducing these withdrawal symptoms so that perseverance becomes easier. The advice is to have stopped smoking at least one day before the treatment.

Bio Qi has a package especially for the stoppers.
6x for € 200. The package includes 1x private session (with intake), 4x sitting session and 1x after-treatment after 6 months. Every session includes ear-stay needles and treatment with laser in combination with acupuncture for optimum results. Ask without any obligations about the structure of the sessions, the conditions and information about reimbursement from the health insurance policy.

Don’t want to stop smoking alone? Bring your ” wanna-stop-smoking-buddies” along. In the waiting room there is space up to 4 simultaneous treatments.

Willing power to quit smoking is the most important thing. An unhealthy habit is difficult to stop. And when stopping a lot of withdrawal symptoms can come off and life cannot feel fun for a while. Those symptoms can be alleviated with acupuncture.

Bear in mind that it is often more difficult to quit smoking if you cannot think of another and preferably nicer “ritual” not to suffer when you can no longer smoke. For example, sports, exercise, a new hobby and meeting friends (who do not smoke).

From 26 September you can download the free stoptober app on or via the app store (Android and Iphone) that gives you daily tips, emergency assistance and calculates how much you save.