Pleuni shares her experiences with remote treatments, acupuncture and Spiritual Response Therapy for her daughter, herself and her dog. July 2021, Pleuni Amersfoort
In this review Fatima shares what kind of blocks she encountered in housing and work and how Spiritual Responds Therapy changed this for the better.
Mach 2021, Fatima from Steenwijk

  • Every time I am amazed what Wouter can achieve with acupuncture. He prevented a second ablation / cardioversion for my partner. He’s doing better than ever. No more medication and the cardiologist considers him completely cured. I myself have been for various smaller and larger complaints and I already feel the positive effect during the treatment. Acupuncture can do so much more than you think. I would advise anyone with complaints to contact Wouter. He is an incredibly fine man and extremely knowledgeable.
    December 2020, Caroline from Hillegom

  • I have had Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) with Wouter once – and it changed the way I feel about myself and in my body. On the background of 10 years of chronic illness, various operations and another one just ahead of me, we had one remote/online session and some communication afterwards. The insights Wouter helped to reveal about my life and the work he did lifted emotional, mental and physical weight of off me that made my everyday life much more energetic and positive. At the same time, my medical condition improved substantially, to a degree that is both unexpected and exhilarating, leaving me pain-free for the longest time in years. Wouter is a gentle, empathic, highly professional healer with a deeply generous character that inspires trust and reliability. He is full of energy that he is willing to share – and great at doing so!
    October 2020, Anita from Berlin

  • Wouter is super skilled, pleasant and does his job with a lot of love. I was surprised by his insight, knowledge and warm personality and after the treatment I felt better than ever. I should have done this before and definitely recommend it to everyone.
    September 2020, Jasmina from Leiden

  • I was already a fan of Wouter because of his acupuncture treatments. With that, the remains of my facial paralysis have almost completely disappeared! I was therefore confident to give the new Access Bars treatment a try; an absolute must! I already have more space in my head after 1 treatment; recognize that “cheerful” feeling I had read about. Since then I have allowed myself to take more space for myself, instead of always putting the needs of someone else first. Slowly I even start to learn to express displeasure, instead of bottling up. In the period after the first treatment I had to deal with a lot of emotions that I always kept under lock and key. That also gives peace and space. I am currently following a treatment program for my eating disorder at the GGZ. The Access Bars treatments are an ideal addition to this, because I now feel that I have the space to experience my emotions, instead of numbing them with food. Prefer to stay at home? Then remote treatment is a godsend; believe it or not, but you really feel that something is happening. My (back) complaints were immediately reduced.
    August 2020, Wendy from Leiderdorp

  • Our second son was treated successfully by Wouter. He had many uncontrolled tics, including head and limb shaking. It was getting worse and worse, which brought us to Wouter for advice. Wouter suggested remote treatment. After the first treatment we immediately noticed a big difference and the tics had almost disappeared. Afterwards one more treatment was needed and our son is now a happy boy without any tics. After this success, we asked Wouter to treat our oldest son for grinding his teeth in his sleep. This was also done very successfully. Our son now has significantly less teeth grinding and wakes up cheerful in the morning!We are very grateful to Wouter for this.
    May 2020, Amir from Amersfoort

  • Thank you so much Wouter that you received me today! You are an incredible acupuncturist and a great person! Can’t thank you enough for today (and earlier) to help me with my shoulder pain!
    January 2020, Shataksi from Leiden
  • Wouter is a sympathetic young man that made me feel at ease. He asks the right questions to come to the information that is relevant to him and he does so professionally and with empathy. The treatment itself is calm and thorough. It is clear that he has a lot of knowledge and experience.
    July 2019, Richard from Leiden
  • After countless visits to physiotherapists and acupuncturists for pain just below my knee without any results, I ended up with Wouter. After 1 treatment the pain was already reduced by more than 50% and in the second there was nothing left. I am eternally grateful to him, because I can do cycle racing at a high level again.
    April 2018, Jasper from Antwerp
  • Never thought that acupuncture would help with hay fever. In only 3 sessions I got rid of sneezing and itchy eyes. I also no longer use anti-histamine pills. Great, and with a few jabs!
    April 2017, Vincent from Leiden
  • Due to breast cancer, I was operated on despite a number of chemotherapy. Even with heavy analgesic medication I still had a lot of pain under my right armpit because glands were removed and I could only move my arm to a limited extent. Already after a session of Wouter’s acupuncture, I had no more pain and I could move my arm freely. Unbelievable, three weeks after his treatment that caused pain.
    October 2016, Ingrid from Leiden
  • In the past year I have been to Wouter for treatment four times. I used to fear needles. In the beginning that fear is no longer there, but that does not mean that I now love needles. Because of the relaxed and calm way in which Wouter works, I have experienced the treatments as very pleasant. And not unimportantly, my symptoms have disappeared and I am pain free.
    September 2015, Daphne from Ter Aar
  • Since 14 years I have been struggling with general fatigue. After the first treatment with laser acupuncture I already noticed an incredible improvement in my energy. I wake up less tired, I no longer have tired eyes and I am calmer in my head. I can now listen to my body better.
    February 2014, Marjolein from Zoetermeer
  • At the dentist I had to undergo a dental procedure, where a lot would be drilled. I feared the procedure because of previous experience: regular anesthesia never worked well and I constantly needed extra injections. Wouter has stunned me with electro-acupuncture. I am very grateful for this, because I have not experienced any pain or side effects.
    August 2013, Henk from Oegstgeest

  • Recently I got in touch with Wouter from Bio Qi (former known as Free Flow Fysio ) through my sister and I gained experience with his remote treatment. The last month I had two really serious dental procedures. Before that I slept badly except the night before the procedure on which he treated me. Those nights I slept like a baby; after the procedures I had absolutely no pain after his treatments, while before I knew him, after much less drastic dental actions, I had pain for days for which I had to take painkillers. As a doctor / medical specialist I cannot explain it; I know it works for me. Placebo effect I do not believe in, because I also have seen amazing reactions to animals with such treatments in the past and animals are not really open to suggestions. In short, highly recommended for complaints that the doctors say you should learn to live with.
    March 2008, Hans from Nijmegen