Distance treatment

Distance treatment

Reiki, Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing, Portal Channels, is the kind of energy
work I can also give in an intended distance treatment. A session lasts on average 30 minutes and costs €40,-

What a distance treatment exactly means, you can read here in an article
(this links to another website, where it is explained quite closely to how
I feel about how distance healing/treatment works) .

A side note: To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to emphasize that
the practitioner (also described as a healer in the article) does not cure
or heal a disease. This means, that I do not cure or heal a disease.
The recipient heals / heals himself, as far as possible because the self-healing
capacity of the body / person is addressed. The practitioner only facilitates / supports in the treatment.

In short: distance treatments means that you can be at home or any place
in the world where you can receive a treatment. The benefit of that is that
you do not have to travel to my practice, you can be in your own comfortable
space at any time zone. All you need to do is to sit or lay down in a place
where it is quiet (as possible) and you can feel relaxed and safe.
The distance treatment starts at a mutually agreed time.

I work with distance treatment with whereas to me, time and space are an illusion.
There is a lot of scientific research nowadays which can luckily back up that idea
or way of thinking. I specifically use the word “thinking” , because the power of
the mind is greater than we think. I started with the so called energy work and
distance treatments when I was about 14 years old. Over time I took some courses
to find out what techniques related to me the closed and to just give it a name to
what I do, so people can associate easily with what they’ve already heard of or
are familiar with.

A well-known technique is Reiki, but there is so much more. For example, there
are energies that can help to sleep better, reduce pain, optimize chakras and aura,
realize plans, in case of depression, promote recovery in case of illness and/or surgery,
in case of fatigue, et cetera. I can use these energies remotely to support your self-healing ability.

With help from my spiritual guides, I combine different kinds of energies
specifically tuned to your needs. Explanations of some of these energies,
you can find on my Instagram account

Before I started doing acupuncture, I did energy work, using the name
Free Flow Fysio: “Recently I got in touch with Wouter from Free Flow Fysio
through my sister and I gained experience with his remote treatment. The last
month I had two really serious dental procedures. Before that I slept badly except
the night before the procedure on which he treated me. Those nights I slept like
a baby; after the procedures I had absolutely no pain after his treatments, while
before I knew him, after much less drastic dental actions, I had pain for days for
which I had to take painkillers. As a doctor / medical specialist I cannot explain it;
I know it works for me. Placebo effect I do not believe in, because I also have seen
amazing reactions to animals with such treatments in the past and animals are not
really open to suggestions. In short, highly recommended for complaints that the
doctors say you should learn to live with.”
March 2008, Hans from Nijmegen

Distance treatment is not intended as a substitute for regular medicine, but as an addition to it.

As always, use common sense, if you do not trust the complaints
you have or they get worse, go to the doctor or a Western medical specialist.