In today’s hectic, busy world it is easy to get out of balance with all the consequences that entails. RSI complaints, burnout, back pain, stress, being stuck in certain patterns or thoughts, et cetera.

As an energy therapist I can support you with:

Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine
Access Bars
Reconnective Healing / Reconnection
Quantum Touch

I apply these “treatments and support” in combination or separately and always in consultation with you.

Bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the practice, or wear it on arrival. During a treatment you sit in a comfortable chair or you lie on a (heated) treatment table.

Reconnective Healing, Reiki and Quantum Touch is the kind of energy work, I can also give in a so called distance treatment. This means that you can be at home or any place where you can some me-time to receive treatment.