Is acupuncture the new Botox?
Is acupuncture the new Botox?

Is acupuncture the new Botox?

I sometimes joke with the people who are on my treament table when I insert a needle between the eyebrows. “Just freezing your thoughts and puncturing away your wrinkles.”

I place the needle in the Yintang point, which can support restlessness, stress, forehead pain, sinus complaints and sleeping problems.

I also do cosmetic acupuncture, also called facial acupuncture. With facial acupuncture, the Yintang point is also punctured, but then much more superficially and with even thinner needles.

What happens to the skin once the needles are placed?
Painlessly inserting ultra-fine needles (0.12 mm) causes a microtrauma on which body-healing cells (fibroblasts) are put into action to make collagen and elastin to restore the area.

Elastin is an elastic protein in connective tissue. It ensures that the tissue in the body returns to its original shape and size after it has been stretched, pressed or deformed. Collagen is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Collagen is made during the skin renewal process to keep the skin young, firm and supple.

By placing needles at certain points in the face, the density of collagen and elastin increases. The results are immediately visible with hydrated, softened and radiant skin within 1-2 sessions.

And for those who don’t want toxins in their body, there is another bonus: a treatment for facial acupuncture lasts longer than a botox injection.

Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are regular customers for such a facelift, not with me because they live too far away for that…. but who knows our king and queen want their youthful skin back with acupuncture, or you or someone you know?